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The Mobile-Pack story began in 2006. Mobile-Pack was looking for a convenient carrying case as an alternative to a bulky cleaning cart. The marketplace did not provide a suitable product to hold both cleaning supplies and room replenishment items. One was created, and Mobile-Pack was born.

Today, Mobile-Pack is used by many of the world’s leading hotels. Hoteliers have discovered that its smaller footprint makes it easier for staff to move quickly for efficient cleaning, and its discreet appearance leaves an impression on guests looking for an upscale experience. It’s also ideal for use when cleaning offices, large multi-room houses or estates, and extended stay apartments.





Bryon Peterson is the owner of Mobile-Pack as well as the founder and President of HRGI, has more than 25 years of experience successfully providing strategic leadership to businesses. Bryon has more than 16 years operating Mobile-Pack LLC and is the owner. Bryon is recognized for his ability to target and design programs that remove typical business and service problems. Bryon has created unique solutions from sourcing factories to produce their products in China, while sourcing other manufacturers in bordering countries, to importing and managing the logistics/fulfilment and sales of product to hotels and distributors throughout the world. Mobile-Pack retains a warehouse in Seattle, Washington.

Bryon is a dynamic, effective, and internationally experienced business operator who has the communication skills and knowledge to motivate and enlist businesses in support of a common goal. Bryon worked for Starwood Hotels and Resorts where he was responsible for the human resources discipline in 43 hotels across the United States. Additionally, Bryon spent 12 years working for Marriott International both domestically and internationally. Bryon has also worked as a counselor, educator and Director/Principal of a bilingual elementary school in Latin America. And he demonstrates business techniques, while also being thorough and ensuring that no details are overlooked.

Bryon is a bottom line driven professional who partners well with business professionals. He is also bilingual in Spanish and works easily and productively with all cultures, and ages, regardless of skill set. While being able to work hand in hand with people of all backgrounds, he is able to be involved in all facets of Mobile-Pack. Bryon is hands on and collaborates at a high level with his colleagues.

Mobile-Pack has and continues to experience significant growth year over year. Mobile-Pack manufactures their products, which have gone from one sku# to ten sku’s# in eight years and are recognized in their space as the product leaders. As Mobile-Pack continues to grow Bryon continues to use his well-rounded skill set to improve Mobile-Pack in every way possible from new products to new employees.

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